Snow hawk men’s trekking boots Derak model code SN-S1114

  • 3F system technology for heel and ankle support
  • The 3D locking system of shoelaces is to prevent the laces from loosening
  • All parts of the boots are made of first-class and resistant materials
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Snow hawk men’s trekking boots Derak model code SN-S1114: beautiful, unique design and resistant material of these boots against the reasonable price have made these boots among the best-selling boots in the market.
Snow hawk boots can be safely said that “resistance” is the most important feature of the boots produced by this company if you are looking for a boot that is comfortable and has high resistance for all kinds of mountaineering programs.

This brand is right for you. This Snow hawk men’s trekking boots Derak model is designed for hiking and walking in the slopes and nature tourism. It is also suitable for urban use.

Features of Snow hawk men’s trekking boots Derak model:

This boot is classified at the level of Hiking series boots;
The upper of this hiking boot is made of “split leather”;
The hooks are an alloy of light aluminum and titanium;
This boot has a 3D pin and secure hook to fix the tongue of the boot with the climber’s leg while moving;
This boot has a rubber coating on the heel part of the boot, which is known as the Heel Stabilizer engineering concept;
In the front part of this boot, there is a rubber coating of the same material in the heel, but with a larger diameter, which has the task of supporting and preventing the shock to the tips of the toes; this part is also known as the Toe Tip Guard engineering concept;
The tongue part of the boot has 40% dense mesh, 10% split leather (how to divide the percentage from 16 to 8 hooks), and 50% of quality needle sponge (inside the boot tongue) to shape the tongue and comply with the ISO standard United Nations;
The sole of this boot, i.e. the middle part, or in short, MID Sole, is made of EVA material and is generally the “most resistant sole” against abrasion.
The sole or “Flat Sole” in this boot, as in the following cases, is a gift from the powerful Vibram company in Italy;
Its Vibram model is of the MULAZ type, and the original design is derived from the Vibram 281 model;
It is interesting to know that EVA+ S281 is mentioned in the product introduction catalogs But S281 is not a construction material but a type of mold or version;
In the phrase S281, the word S stands for Sheet (page, with the concept of models on the catalog page) or in Europe with the concept of sample;
The number 281 refers to the two hundred and eighty-first sample of the catalog and brochure introducing products to traders;
Another thing that should be taken into account in this boot is that the hooks number 1 and 2 (counting horizontally from left to right) are round hooks and to strengthen the front part of the foot so as not to hit the tip of the boot;
The sole of this boot uses the American OrthoLite design and is breathable.
This issue is quite evident in the back of the sole of the boot and the existing breathing gaps;

Outsole: VIBRAM S281+EVA

(Men’s boots soles) Snow hawk has a certificate of manufacture of mountaineering boots from Vibram Italy. Undoubtedly, the sole of the boot is one of the most important factors in the efficiency of the boot in terms of agility and proper performance in different climatic conditions.
Therefore, Snow hawk has chosen one of the best mountaineering boot sole companies in the world for all of its products. Since 1935, Vibram Italy company has been designing and producing rubber soles for sports and military boots with different applications and special technologies since 1935.
Specifications of Vibram sole:
  • very flexible
  • high impact properties
  • Maintains the position of the sole of the foot inside the boot
  • deep teeth
  • excellent friction
  • very high resistance to wear

The middle sole layer of trekking men’s boots is made of EVA. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

EVA is a highly elastic material that can bond a porous material such as rubber into a very strong compound that can withstand up to 96°C (2°F).

EVA technology is currently the most widely used material in the production of modern boots of the world’s brands. This material is seen for a reason, high formability, resistance and durability against pressure, as well as high color acceptability in all types of sports linen, hiking, and basketball.

This material is used in linen with EVA material at various prices. A good car starts to depreciate slowly after traveling about 480 km. But this varies according to the weight of the person wearing the ketone.

Features of EVA:

  • EVA is soft and flexible, yet tough and durable.
  • In the wide range of applications, it can compete with rubber material.
  • It has a pleasant appearance and luster. Unlike many polymer materials, it does not have a bad smell.
  • EVA is waterproof and UV resistant.

Snow hawk men’s trekking boots have the ability to install crampons.

It has a SNOW-TEX layer that guarantees extra durability and waterproof performance. This membrane also has excellent breathing performance.

In general, the features of Snow hawk men’s trekking boots Derak model code SN-S1114 are:

  • having low weight
  • Being resistant to line due to folding, cracking and wear
  • Great flexibility when hiking and climbing
  • Outstanding performance in all weather conditions
  • Being waterproof
  • Exceptional breathability of this boot
  • The possibility of easy washing in Many times

These features make the boots that we use for hiking or climbing extremely efficient and comfortable and perform exceptionally well.
This climbing boot has 3F system technology to support the heel and ankle, which fixes the foot in the boot from 3 directions and minimizes the possibility of injury and has made the boot even stronger.


Snow hawk


Blue , Green , Red




36 , 37 , 38 , 39 , 40 , 41 , 42 , 43 , 44 , 45 , 46 , 47

Upper material

split leather

Middle layer material


Sole material

EVA+S281 vibram


Nature tourism , mountain climbing


It has a 3D pin and a secure hook to fix the tongue of the shoe with the climber's leg

The part of the tongue of the boot

It has 40% dense mesh , 10% split leather and 50% quality needle sponge.


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