Snow hawk women’s open-toe sandal Satrap model code SN-244

Durable, comfortable, adjustable, waterproof, High flexibility, beautiful and diverse colors

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Snow hawk women’s open-toe sandal Satrap model code SN-244: Snow hawk sandals for mountaineering, nature tourism and water climbing are one of the most important tools. which are used for walking in nature, climbing mountains or having fun in water. But choosing the right sandals can help you To feel comfortable during your trip and continue your journey without pain and discomfort.

Snow hawk hiking sandals are designed to walking diverse and irregular routes in mountainous areas. These sandals should be able to perform well in different weather and ground conditions, including uneven surfaces, sharp and gray stones, etc.

Here, we will help you to choose the right hiking sandals, so that you know what you should pay attention to.

  • Sandal material and fabric: Climbing sandals should be made of material that can withstand wear and tear and other ground conditions. Nylon fabrics, leather and athletic tapes are suitable for hiking sandals.
  • Sandal base and sole: Mountaineering sandals must have resistant soles that can withstand wear and pressure caused by climbing and descending in mountainous areas.

Also, the base of the sandal should be strong and supportive to prevent damage. Also, it is better that the sole of the sandal has a good pattern that can prevent you from slipping and falling in various conditions such as very soft and slippery surfaces, dry and wet surfaces, or uneven surfaces.

  • Sandal Size: Choosing the right size sandal is very important. The sandal should adapt to the foot and avoid being empty or putting too much pressure on your foot. Keep in mind that your feet can change throughout the day and in different conditions, including temperature and pressure, swelling or shrinking.

Therefore, you should choose a seat with adjustable size or fabrics with good stretch properties.

  • Comfort and fit: This is the most important thing when choosing hiking shoes. Many sandals are adjustable to fit you. But different people need different things in shoes (flatbed, arch support, etc.).
  • Weight: Weight carried on your legs takes about 5 times more energy than weight carried on your back. Therefore, replacing a pair of shoes with a pair of lightweight sandals can save your body fuel.

Also, agile legs lead to less muscle fatigue and over time can help prevent knee and hip problems.

One of the reasons we love hiking sandals is that they are so versatile. Snow hawk Women’s open-toe sandal Satrap model code SN-244 with a stylish and comfortable design and in a variety of colors suitable for spring and summer, which you can use and enjoy for walking, water climbing.

  • Advantages of Snow hawk sandals: durable, comfortable, adjustable, waterproof, high flexibility, beautiful and diverse colors.

Snow hawk brand is one of the most popular brands of hiking, hiking and water climbing sandals. Snow hawk sandals are offered with a different design according to the use of the audience, especially in more difficult and diverse conditions.

These sandals are suitable for permanent or recreational use due to their durability, comfort and quality of construction. One of the popular Snow hawk sandals is the Snow hawk women’s open-toe sandal , which are specially produced for climbing and hiking in difficult and difficult areas.

Upper material: nylon

Nylon is a synthetic fabric made from flexible plastic woven like fibers. Despite being a lighter fabric, it is a durable material that can withstand many environments. Its flexibility keeps the shoes in good shape and creates a durable shoe.

Sole material: EVA+RUBBER

The sole of Snow hawk women’s open-toe sandal is also made of ethylene vinyl acetate, which can make walking comfortable for a person and put a little pressure on the legs and back. The unique and high quality sole gives you flexibility and comfort.

Specifications of Snow hawk women’s open-toe sandal Satrap model code SN-244:

Upper material: Nylon
Sole material: EVA+RUBBER
Type: Open-toe
Resistant to wear and tear
Completely waterproof and resistant
Super light and comfortable
has a very soft and flexible sole
Extremely high quality and durability
Suitable for water climbing and urban use
Suitable for spring and summer


Snow hawk


Black , Ishik green , Red




36 , 37 , 38 , 39 , 40 , 41

Upper material


Sole material



Water climbing and urban use


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