Snow hawk women’s closed-toe sandals Mendel model code SN-223

Durable, comfortable, adjustable, high flexibility, beautiful and varied colors suitable for climbing, water climbing and nature tourism

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Snow hawk women’s closed-toe sandals Mendel model code SN-223 is designed for climbing, water climbing and nature tourism.

Snow hawk women’s hiking sandals with a front closure have a soft, comfortable and flexible sole that is suitable for long walks and has a breathable layer. Its inner sole is standard, antibacterial and anti-odor.

Among its other features, it can be completely waterproof, which allows for long-term use in lakes and wet areas with the ability to dry quickly.

Upper material

Snow hawk women’s hiking sandal, nylon straps and EVA+RUBBER sole make the sandal durable and resistant, so it will tear and wear out later, for this reason, you can use this women’s sandal in hiking and nature trekking programs during the hot seasons of the year.

And it also offers extra safety toe bumpers to help prevent toe injuries.

Snow hawk has developed a hiking sandal on a women’s foot shape that is more than the industry standard to improve fit and comfort, helping you experience a great hike.

The washable upper makes cleaning easy and the cushioned footbed provides comfort on the move.

Therefore, the Snowhawk women’s water climbing sandal brand has offered sandals in various colors and completely waterproof.

Specifications of Snow hawk women’s closed-toe sandals Mendel model code SN-223:

  • Product code: SN-223
  • Brand: Snow hawk
  • Has a breathable layer
  • Has a nylon top
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Inner sole: standard, antibacterial and anti-odor
  • Is not adjustable in two areas
  • Has a middle layer of EVA technology for more comfort
  • Has a one-handed and durable sole
  • Has a soft and comfortable midsole that has a more spongy feel
  • Is completely waterproof and does not retain any water
  • Suitable for everyday use, hiking, water climbing, canyoning, nature tourism and mountaineering

Snow hawk


Black , Navy blue , Red




36 , 37 , 38 , 39 , 40 , 41

Upper material


Inner sole

Standard , antibacterial and anti-odor


Nature tourism , water climbing , mountaineering


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